Capitalism ramped up in the 21st century, and if you're not selling, you're losing. Here are some products that won capitalism.
Toyota is king of the automobile world with 11 million cars sold per year.
20 Toyotas sold/min
First released in 2009, Minecraft is still one of the best selling video games.
45 Minecraft copies sold/min
Samsung sells over 40 million TVs a year.
81 Samsung TVs sold/min
Remember when everyone was making fun of AirPods? Whoops.
114 AirPods sold/min
Is capitalism giving you a headache?

Buy some Advil!
2 Advils sold/sec
Cheerios is the most popular cereal with over 100 million boxes sold per year.
4 Cheerios boxes sold/sec
Campbell's Soup has owned the soup market since the 1800s.
6 Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soups sold/sec
Here is Apple printing money again.
7 iPhones sold/sec
Adidas produces more than 400 million shoes a year.
14 pairs of Adidas sold/sec
The world really loves pizza, and Domino's is happy to oblige.
34 Domino's pizzas sold/sec
Wow the pizzas don't look healthy. At least that's the worst thing we consume.
75 McDonald's burgers sold/sec
Oh well, anyway those are some of the products that have won capitalism.
Congratulations to the winners.
Wait, what's that? Oh no...
222 Amazon packages delivered/sec